Take Your Kids to Work Day at the School Board Office

November 8, 2019

The future is bright and full of opportunity! That was the message a group of grade 9 students from schools around the District heard at the School Board Office on Wednesday as part of the annual Take Your Kids to Work Day initiative. The students even had the chance to create school agendas in the print shop with the positive slogan on the cover, and to take them home as a memento of the day.

Working in the print shop as a technician was one of many careers they got to ‘try out’ for about 45 minutes. Students also learned about what it was like to work in Communications, Human Resources, Finance and even as the Superintendent.

Superintendent Gord Stewart gave the students case studies that required them to problem solve and come up with strategies for the school community.

“They loved the different experiences, from Superintendent scenarios to learning how to make an agenda, to choosing a dream job, reflecting on their lifestyle, and developing a budget for it,” explained Lenny Yun, District Teacher – Student Leadership and Career Education.

“Many were surprised by the winding journey of your career lives and felt comforted knowing that change is good and to embrace it,” she added.

The Communications department also put students to work. The task was to interview a few staff members asking the following questions like “What do you love about your job?” and “How do you feel your job impacts the community?” It was to exemplify storytelling which is an important part of public relations.

Some students also asked things to help them get ahead such as “basic resume tips” and “how to ace the interview.” It was fun for the students but it was just as engaging (if not more) for the staff.

Good luck students on your career journey ahead!