The following student registration information is for families born outside of Canada and who are not yet Canadian citizens (Work Permit/Study Permit/PR/Refugee families).

Newcomer Welcome Centre 

Welcome and thank you for choosing Langley! For families that qualify, the District’s goal is to review documents and waive international student fees as soon as possible. The Newcomer Welcome Centre is open year-round. Once fees are waived, families can register throughout the school year.

If you have arrived in Canada with a work permit, study permit, PR/Refugee families or visitor record, you will need to visit the school board office in-person to register your child. The office is located at 4875 – 222 Street, Langley, BC. Registrations will NOT be completed online or by email. 

Getting Started

Do you qualify for funded education as a parent on work/study permit?

  • You must live in Langley.

If you hold a work permit:

  • The work permit must be valid for a year or more.
  • You must be employed for a minimum of 20 hours/week earning at least minimum wage.

If you hold a study permit:

  • The study permit must be valid for a year or more.
  • You must be studying in a degree or diploma granting program at a public post-secondary institution or studying in a degree granting program at a private post-secondary institution authorized by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education.

If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria above, please call 604-534-7891 or email:

  • Application Process

    1. If you meet the criteria above and you wish to apply for funded education, please email a PDF of all required documents listed below to:
    2. Once we confirm all required documents are submitted, we will email you to book an appointment to verify all family members passports in person at the School Board Office (4875 – 222 Street).
    3. The District will review your file.
    4. If approved, the District will email you an approval letter.
    5. When you receive the approval letter, please visit the School Board Office (4875 – 222 Street) to complete the registration process. You will need to submit a registration form (fillable pdf) for your child.
    6. Returning families are notified annually to submit documents for verification and approval before each school year begins
  • Registration Required Documents

    Please review the following information outlining required documents needed and instructions to help register new learners.  

    You will need to produce the following documents: 

    • Passports (parents and school aged children)
    • If parents live separately, court order or notarized written agreement from the absent parent granting care to the accompanying parent.

    If you are here on a work permit these are the required documents:

    • Work permit (Maintained status letters will not be accepted)
    • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
    • Current verification letter of employment on company letterhead.

    We may also ask for extra documents to support proof of employment.

    If you are here on a study permit these are the required documents:

    • Study permit
    • Letter of Acceptance from the Institution, and
    • Timetable of Courses, and
    • Receipt of tuition payment on Institution letterhead

    These are the required documents for proof of residence (one of the following):

    • Subject-free property purchase agreement showing name and address (with move in date     within 6 months)
    • Municipal Tax Bill
    • Mortgage statement
    • Utility bill dated within the last 3 months (electricity, gas, internet, cable TV, landline)
    • BC Services card
    • BC Driver’s Licence or Enhanced BC Driver’s Licence.

    Please note that if your BC Driver’s Licence is an interim license or has a sticker on, we will ask for further documents to prove residency.

    In addition, a second required proof of residence document (one of the following):

    • Bank statement or credit card statement (address portion)
    • Government correspondence
    • Vehicle registration

    Please note that rental agreements and cell phone bills are NOT accepted.

  • Current International Students

    If your children are currently studying in Langley as international students, they will be placed in their catchment school and will not be allowed to continue at their current school unless their current school is their catchment school. Refunds, if applicable, are issued by the International Student Program.

    If you have any questions, please contact

  • Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance

    Families have the option of purchasing insurance for their child/children through the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance. Enrolment in the program can be done online. For more information and to apply for coverage, visit this page here: