Students learning as school’s modular expansion project continues

May 9, 2024

Students at Richard Bulpitt Elementary are gaining some firsthand knowledge of construction and building as their school’s modular expansion project continues.

A concrete foundation was poured in late April for the two-storey project, which when complete will add six new classrooms to the Willoughby slope school. Once the foundation is completed, the building itself will be assembled in pieces.

It’s expected that the project will be completed by August and ready for the 2024/2025 school year.

“The project is going very well. The District has been able to begin construction earlier than originally anticipated and been successful in blending the look and feel of the existing school with the modular expansion,” said Calvin Lal, assistant director of facilities, transportation and capital projects for the District.  “The contractor is doing a final round of quality checks and preparing for the placement of the modules which will come once the school year ends.”

The new prefabricated modular project was announced last fall.

Students and staff are excited for the completion of the expansion, but in the meantime, the project is being used as a learning opportunity for students.

“The students are incredibly excited to be learning about how a building is constructed, and to be seeing the construction happen right before their eyes,” said Sean Oliver, principal at Richard Bulpitt Elementary. “And of course, it’s always exciting for a six-year-old to see a digger up close.”