This video discusses parent considerations when bringing new technology into the home:

  •  Impact location has on how technology may be used
  • Types of interactions provided through some apps
  • Device check-ins

Additional Resources

Are you Web aware? A checklist for parents

  • Organization: MediaSmarts
  • Type: webpage
  • Focus: A short checklist of considerations in supporting your children’s technology use.

Family Guidelines for New Tech Devices

  • Organization: MediaSmarts
  • Type: pdf guide
  • Focus: Link to a digital contract for your family.

Tips and resources on screen time for parents

  • Organization: MediaSmarts
  • Type: Webpage
  • Focus: : The “4Ms” of screen time: minimizing, mitigating, mindfully using, and modeling healthy screen use. There is a link at bottom with suggestions for co-viewing with your kids.

Last updated May 06, 2021