Hospital/Homebound Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Teach the subject as per the classroom teacher’s requirements. Some specialty subjects
    may require a tutor.
  • Teach all core subject areas. In most cases, electives (graduation program) will not be taught or will receive limited support.
  • Regularly pick up work from school and drop off completed work.
  • Administer quizzes, tests and major exams, including Provincial Exams.
  • Provide the classroom teacher with regular feedback on how the student is doing.
  • Keep counselor, administrator, and other associated school personnel informed about student’s progress.
  • Attend meetings led by case manager at the school to establish a return to school plan for student (if necessary).
  • Support the student during any part-time transition back to school (once student is able to participate in school H/H support ceases).

Classroom Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Provide assignments, course materials (e.g. textbooks) and exams in a timely manner into HH box.
  • Determine the student’s grade (H/H teacher will provide feedback to classroom teacher if requested).
  • Remain the student’s primary teacher.
  • Mark and return work to HH box for student and HH teacher to go over.

Counselor’s Responsibilities:

  • Complete the online referral form that is located on the district website. Simply search for Hospital Homebound.
  • Provide parent/guardian with H/H Medical Form to be signed by Doctor (Counselor does NOT need to acquire the medical note before making a referral). This form is also found on the district website.

Parents/Guardians Responsibilities:

  • Contact school (counselor, administrator, teacher) to have a referral completed.
  • Provide a doctor’s note, verifying the reason for and approximate duration of absence.
  • Provide a Release of Information form if referral is placed under mental health category.
  • Have a responsible adult (25 years or older) present during the H/H teacher’s visit.
  • Provide a safe, reasonably quiet, smoke-free work area for the lesson.
  • Ensure the student is ready for work at the pre-arranged time.
  • Arrange for student transport when a home visit is not possible.
  • Go over homework sheet with student and help in keeping child on track.