The Langley School District’s mandate is to deliver education and support the needs of students. Our District recognizes families may seek alternatives to public education. As always, parents/guardians are able to homeschool their child at any time in the school year. Families considering homeschool as an option should do the following:

  1. Contact your child’s catchment school.
  2. Register your child as a homeschool student at their catchment school. This must be done every year by September 30.
  3. Parents/guardians will be responsible for delivering the entire educational program which includes creating lessons and assessing students.
  4. Be advised schools offer no support to homeschool students.
  5. Take note schools can arrange testing for diverse learners if needed.

For more information about homeschooling, please visit the Ministry of Education’s webpage here:

 Homeschooling Procedures and Guidelines Manual (DRAFT)

In March 2021, the Ministry shared a new draft Homeschooling Procedures and Guidelines Manual with school districts across the province. The purpose of the manual is to provide clear information to home educators, homeschoolers, education sector administrators and others who work with homeschoolers.

The Ministry is inviting families to provide feedback on this consultation draft here:

Please send your questions, comments or suggestions by April 2, 2021 to