Any rider who has been approved transportation for the 2023-2024 school year will need to access their information using the e-link system. Please follow the instructions below: 

How to Check Bus Stop and Schedule  

  1. Go to e-link login page here.
  1. Type in USERNAME: Student ID 
  1. Type in PASSWORD: Child’s Birthdate (8 characters using zeros for single digit day/months – no spaces mm/dd/yyyy) 
  1. Click on LOGIN button 
  1. Enter in email address confirmation and create security question as per instructions   
  1. Select “SAVE   
  1. Click on “Work With Students” 
  1. Click on “View My Students” 
  1. All students associated with that user ID are displayed 
  1. Click on the student you wish to view the information for
  1. Student bus stop location/time for pick up and drop off is displayed
  1. Logout

Please note, parents are responsible for getting their child to the assigned bus stop. The school is responsible for a child’s care from the time they board the bus until they arrive at school and during school.

Trouble Shooting Tips:

If you are having difficulty logging in, you may find the following tips helpful:  


Please double check to ensure you are using your child’s Student ID and not their Personal Education Number (PEN). The Student ID is a number assigned by your child’s school. The PEN is the number assigned by the province which is used for a student’s entire education.   


Please ensure you have the correct order of digits as well as no spaces for your child’s birthday. (8 characters using zeros for single digit day/months – no spaces mm/dd/yyyy) 

If you are not able to log in and/or are experiencing issues, please email: for support and include a brief explanation.