The Langley School District welcomes new students to our schools.

Our teachers and staff are excited to learn with students and work with families.

The following information contains information and instructions to assist in registering your child.

  • Step 1: Determine how to register your child

    Families new to the Langley School District, born outside of Canada and who are not yet Canadian citizens such as Permanent Residents/Refugees/Temporary Residents (Work & Study Permit Holders) please follow the instructions on this webpage here.

    If your child is not new to Canada, please continue to Step 2. 

  • Step 2: Determine your child’s catchment school

    To find your catchment school, use the District’s school locator tool here. 

  • Step 3: Gather documents required for your child’s registration

    You will need to produce the following documents: 

    Proof of Child’s Age  

    One of: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, Secure Certificate of Indian Status, Court Order, Canada Immigration Documents, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, other government-issued document 

    Proof of Parent/Guardian’s Citizenship Status  

    One of: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, Secure Certificate of Indian Status, Canada Immigration Documents, Passport, Permanent Resident Card or Confirmation of Permanent Residency, Nexus card with citizenship listed as Canadian 

    Proof of Parent/Guardian’s Residence  

    One of: Subject-Free Home Purchase Contract, Mortgage Statement, Municipal Tax Bill, Rental Agreement or letter from landlord  

    and also  

    One of: British Columbia Driver’s License, British Columbia Services Card, British Columbia Vehicle Registration, BCID, Canadian Bank Account or Credit Card Statement, Insurance Statements or Policies, Income Tax Statement, Utility Bill, Employment Pay Slip, other legal or government-issued documents indicating B.C. residence 

    Proof of Guardianship of Child  

    One of: Birth Certificate with parent name, Income Tax Statement – children are declared, Immigration Documents, Court Order, Child in Care documentation 

    Complete Registration Form  (also available at child’s school)  

  • Step 4: Register your child in-person at your catchment school

    If your child is registering to enter middle or secondary school in the Langley School District for the current school year (2023-2024) or for the next school year (2024-2025), please visit your child’s catchment school. Registration is being completed in-person at the school level.   

    At the school, you will need to do the following: 

    1. Complete registration form and have documents ready. See above checklist. To ensure accuracy, filling out the form electronically is preferred over handwritten submissions. 
    2. Submit documents to the school office staff in-person.
    3. If you require additional support, contact your catchment school to seek help with accommodating your needs. 

     If you have any general questions about middle and secondary school registration, please contact the school board office or email: 

  • Langley Education Centre (LEC) Adult Education

    To register for courses and programs at Langley Education Centre for the 2023-2024 school year, please refer to the LEC website here.  

  • How to Apply for a Cross Boundary Registration

    The following Cross Boundary Registration process is for families that wish to request to have their child attend a school outside of their catchment area. Please take note, due to enrolment growth in various regions in the District, approval of Cross Boundary Applications is not guaranteed. Approval of these applications is based on a variety of factors including capacity available at schools.  

    Step 1: On or after the third Monday in January, you can register your child at their catchment school as outlined above. Once your child’s application has been approved, please move on to step 2. 

    Step 2: Request a cross boundary application form from your child’s catchment school and have it signed by the catchment school principal. 

    Step 3: Take the signed cross boundary application form to the requested school and submit it to the principal. Keep a copy for your records. 

    Decisions regarding cross boundary requests are generally not decided before June 15 and can either be accepted, denied, or deferred on or before September 15 of the upcoming school year. 

    For more information, please contact either your school principal or Office Services at the School Board Office at 604-534-7891. 

  • Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance

    Families have the option of purchasing insurance for their child/children through the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance. Enrolment in the program can be done online. For more information and to apply for coverage, visit this page here: