Special Education Overview

The Board of School Trustees recognizes and accepts the unique needs of each individual within our community of learners and is committed to providing quality education for all students.

To enable students who have special needs to develop to their full potential, the Board believes in the delivery of special education services that value the practice of inclusion and provide opportunities for all students to pursue district and personal goals in all aspects of their education.

The Board supports early identification and intervention, promotes equitable access to appropriate educational assessments, programs and resources, and recognizes that some students benefit from differentiated, adapted and modified programs.

The Board acknowledges the important role of parents/guardians in their child’s education and will provide information and opportunities for ongoing consultation regarding their child’s educational program.


The Learning Support Services Department provides support and assistance to elementary, middle and secondary schools. Referrals for services are made by the school in consultation with parents and district staff.

  • Michael Morgan, Director, Learning Support Services
  • Kathy Keyworth, District Principal, Learning Support Services
  • Jon Bonnar, District Principal, Learning Support Services

Phone: (778) 726-4613