The Langley School District welcomes new Kindergarten students to our schools. It is an exciting time for families!  To help support Kindergarten students, we are sharing resources below.

Kindergarten Brochure


Talk With Me, Play With Me, Learn With Me

The following video is from the Talk With Me, Play With Me, Learn With Me campaign developed by the Langley Infant Mental Health Collaborative. The purpose is to increase parents’ and caregivers’ awareness of the importance that simple every day interactions can have on the well-being and mental health of their child. It is presented in the child’s voice and from their perspective, showing what it is like for them when their ‘big people’ are distracted and rushed compared to when we take time to talk with them, play with them, and learn with them. This is the third video in a series and part of a larger public awareness campaign. For more information, visit this page here.