Application Process for Programs of Choice for 2021-2020

Langley Schools are proud to offer several Programs of Choice located in various sites throughout the District. Entry into these programs is by application only. These programs include:

    • Early French Immersion (Kindergarten – Belmont, James Kennedy)
    • Late French Immersion (Grade 6 – Alex Hope, Noel Booth, Betty Gilbert)
    • Fine Arts (Kindergarten – Langley Fine Arts School)
    • Fundamental (Kindergarten – Coghlan, Langley Fundamental Elementary)
    • Montessori (Kindergarten – Uplands)
    • U Connect (Kindergarten – Simonds)
    • Langley Environmental Awareness Program (K-5 – Fort Langley)
      • *Please note the L.E.A.P. Program requires an additional step to the application process. Click HERE for more information with regards to  K-5 applications).

The online application process will be in effect for families wanting to apply for first year entry into any choice program for September 2021. The application process opens on Monday October 5, 2020, and is open until Monday October 19, 2020.  Families will need to access the District website using this link: Registration in Programs of Choice to complete the online process. If your child has a sibling already in the same program, it is important that you indicate this in your application and you will need to provide the sibling’s 9 digit P.E.N. (Personal Education Number).  If you are unsure of this number, please contact the sibling’s school.

At the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education held on December 8, 2015, the Board voted to adopt changes to Policy 5084 (Application to Enter Choice Programs).  The significant changes to the policy include:

  • Moving to an online registration process for entry to a choice program in the following school year;
  • Limiting a parent’s choice to a maximum of two programs;
  • Application 11 months prior to entry point into the program
  • Changing the priority ranking for accepting students to a choice program to favour Langley resident students;
  • A random draw process for selecting eligible students when there are more applicants than seats for a particular choice program.

On November 16, 2020, all families will receive an email indicating if your child has been accepted into a program of choice.  Families will have 7 business days to electronically accept or reject an offered seat.  After that time, unclaimed seats will be offered to waitlisted applicants.  (Please ensure that your computer settings do not block School District 35 emails and check your Spam or Junk folder so that you receive messages from the School District.)

Placement into choice programs will be prioritized in the following manner:

  1. Langley residents with siblings in the same program
  2. Langley residents
  3. Non-Langley residents with siblings in the same program
  4. Non-Langley residents

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats, the District will use a random draw process to assign either a seat or a waitlist number. If a seat becomes available and your child is the highest on the waitlist, you will be contacted with an option to accept or reject that seat.  Families will have 7 days to respond electronically to an offer.

Please refer to the Regulations to Policy 5084.

Should you require assistance please contact the School Board Office at 604-534-7891.

What are Programs of Choice?

Langley School District offers a rich diversity of programs that are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of students. Programs of Choice fall into three main categories: District Programs, School-based Programs, and programs offered through the Career Education Department. Students and parents interested in additional choice options should ask at the office of their neighbourhood school. Many individual courses that may be of interest are not listed here.

District Programs

When a student enrols in a District Program all or certainly most of their courses and instruction is delivered within the context of the program. District Programs must deliver the BC School Curriculum, but they usually adapt the way that curriculum is delivered to suit the emphasis of the program. District Programs of Choice accept applications for registration from anywhere in the district, and do not give preference to neighbourhood students. District Programs in Langley include: Fine Arts Programs, Fundamental Programs, French Immersion Programs, the Langley Montessori Program and U-Connect Distance Learning.

School-based Programs

School-based Choice Programs are programs that have been developed at neighbourhood schools, but which are open to students throughout the district if space is available. Students in School-based Programs take specialized courses while they continue in the neighbourhood program. Applications for registration in School-based Programs are maintained at the school where the program is offered.

Career Education Programs

Through the district’s dual credit programs, students may take courses that earn them credit towards a certification in a trade and/or post secondary degree while they are still in secondary school.  These courses are dual credit in that the students are granted post secondary as well as high school credit for the courses they successfully complete.  For more information and applications for the Youth TRAIN in Trades (trades), Youth WORK in Trades (apprenticeship) and XCEL (academic) programs, please visit your school’s Career Centre.  Go to Career Education for more information.

Click here for more information on Specialty Academies including baseball, hockey, musical theatre, etc.