Purpose – Mission

To inspire all learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future.


An innovative, inspiring and unified learning community.

Core Principles

In serving first our students and each other in the partnership of students, teachers, support staff, administrators, trustees and parents, we are committed to the following principles.

  • recognizing, developing and supporting the unique worth of each individual
  • enabling each individual to make his or her best possible contribution
  • understanding that all have the capacity to learn when given the opportunity
  • providing a safe, healthy and caring learning and working environment in which all feel confident and have a sense of belonging
  • building interdependent relationships fostering integrity, recognizing diversity, demonstrating respect and nurturing trust
  • communicating honestly and openly
  • delivering opportunities for informed choices
  • valuing learning as a life long process for all
  • acknowledging personal accountability for our roles and responsibilities