To Apply for Fall 2021 – KINDERGARTEN ONLY

Imagine your child’s classroom in the open air! Parents/guardians of students wanting to register their child in the LEAP (Langley Environmental Awareness Program) for September 2021 are to follow the online process for Choice Programs in October 2020 in addition to attending an information session.

This meeting is intended for families of students entering Kindergarten in 2021.

The next info session is below:

Date: Tuesday October 13, 2020

Time: 4:30 p.m.

Location: Fort Langley Elementary

Join us for an information session to learn more about the Langley School District’s Outdoor Education Program known as LEAP (Langley Environmental Awareness Program). This program based out of Fort Langley Elementary is a program of choice which seeks to nurture practices of learning and teaching to include a significant portion of the school year spent in meaningful, outdoor place-based settings throughout Langley.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, capacity is limited to 40 parents/guardians in attendance.

Registration to attend the info session is REQUIRED.

To register, please fill out this online form on link below:

Online Registration Form

If you have any questions about the info session or program, please contact Fort Langley Elementary Principal Colleen Harvie:

To get a sense of the culture and staff in the program, you can watch this Meet the “Creature” video:


The Langley Outdoor Education program seeks to nurture practices of learning and teaching to include a significant portion of the school year spent in meaningful, outdoor place- based settings throughout Langley.  Learning will be cultivated in local places close to the program schools and in other parts of Langley.  Experiences in natural settings will be made so that diversity, complexity, stewardship and sustainability become part of the students’ understanding of their place and world.  Educators will use the current curriculum and the CARE document to organize and conceptualize environmental learning.

Use of the outdoors makes a major contribution to physical and environmental education and enhances many other curriculum areas. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness and develops skills for life and the world of work. Qualities such as a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured.

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CARE includes:

COMPLEXITY:  considering the complexity and inter-relatedness of natural and human-created systems, and how humans interact with and affect those systems

AESTHETICS:  developing an aesthetic appreciation for the natural world that encourages students to learn about and protect the environment

RESPONSIBILITY:  providing opportunities for students to take responsible action and explore the environmental impact of their decisions and actions

ETHICS:  providing opportunities to practice an environmental ethic based on an examination of values that can give rise to new visions, possibilities and actions


The Langley Environmental Awareness Program opened its doors at Fort Langley Elementary in September of 2017.  Ms. Marlee St. Pierre (kindergarten) and Ms. Ashley Harder (grade 1 and 2) were hired as the teachers of the two classes, and their passion for outdoor learning is ensuring a strong start for the program. They have engaged parents in the program and have ensured that students are working and learning outdoors as much as possible right from the beginning. The goal is to be learning outdoors 60 percent of the time. Mondays through Wednesdays are for learning outdoors. On Thursdays and Fridays, both classes are working and learning in classrooms at Fort Langley Elementary. A Special Education Assistant is dedicated to the program, providing extra support to students with special needs and assisting in ensuring student safety in outdoor environments.