The SD 35 Scholarship Database is not comprehensive. It was designed to assist Langley students and reflects scholarships that SD 35 students have been successful in securing in the past. Please note that you will need to research any scholarships that you wish to apply for as dates and criteria are subject to change.

You are able to search this database below by scholarship type:

SD 35 Scholarship Database Key Descriptors

Aboriginal – Indigenous or First Nation’s ancestry
Affiliation – Participation or involvement with a particular group or organization
Athletic – Sport specific affiliation
Bursary – Demonstrated financial need
Business – Scholarships specifically for students pursuing Business related fields
Entrance – Available for first-time applicants, often GPA focused scholarship
Fine Art – Scholarships specifically for students studying Fine Arts such as preforming, visual or music
Health – Adversity through health challenges
International – Non-Canadian Citizen
Leadership – Over 200 hours volunteer service within the school or community
National – Very competitive award, usually looking at academics and high level of service involvement
Nomination – Selection determined by the school scholarship committee
Other – Essay required or does not meet criteria for other types
Science – Scholarships specifically for students studying Sciences such as computer science, engineering or physics
Teacher – Scholarships specifically for students pursuing Education degrees
Trade – Scholarships specifically for students pursuing a Trade as identified by the Industry Training Authority