Participate with your young child (aged birth to five) in a free, play-based program. StrongStart BC programs provide rich learning environments designed for early learning development – language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Qualified early childhood educators employed by the Langley School District lead learning activities where children find opportunity to make friends and interact with others of similar ages.

The overall learning experience is shared as parents and caregivers attend with their children and are encouraged to get involved in activities like telling stories, playing games and serving healthy snacks. Join us to learn new ways to support your children’s learning, get information about community programs and services and make valuable connections with others attending the program. Centres are open Mondays through Fridays, except on school holidays and Pro-D days. In the event of inclement weather or power outages, call the school before you come or check the school websites.

Due to COVID-19, we have made some changes in how StrongStart is offered. Sessions will be shorter, some sessions will only be offered outside, and attendance numbers will be limited. Handwashing procedures will also be in place, as well as mandatory mask wearing for adults.

We follow the guidance from the Ministry of Health and BC Centre of Disease Control as referenced in the following:

At no cost to families, StrongStart is offered at nine Langley locations.

Please choose one site only as your home centre. For health and safety and space limitation reasons you will not be permitted to register at more than one site.


  • note that only one adult may attend with children from the same family bubble per session.
  • wear a mask at all times (adults only).
  • limit the number of personal items brought into the StrongStart space.
  • bring your registration and supporting identification with you.
  • complete the required Health Check Form before gaining access to the centre.
  • refer to the form for a health check before entering the centre on the days you attend.


  • Online session sign-up is required in order to attend.
  • Please sign your child(ren) up for only one inside session per week. You may sign up for a second session if one is outdoors.
  • Sign-up HERE
  • All indoor and outdoor sessions will be for 4 families maximum.
If you are unable to attend your booked time, it is important that you cancel as soon as possible to make room for other families to attend. If you have any problems, please contact Karin Wright ( to cancel. Thank-you for your understanding of these changes. We look forward to welcoming you at our centres!

StrongStart Closure Dates:

Closure DateReason
October 12Stat Holiday - Thanksgiving
October 23Professional Development Day
October 26Administration Day
November 11Stat Holiday - Remembrance Day
November 23Administration Day
December 16Last day with families before winter break
December 17Administration Day
December 18Administration Day
January 5Strong Start Closure
January 6Open to families
February 12Professional Development Day
February 15Stat Holiday - Family Day
February 22Administration Day
March 12Administration Day
March 15 to 26Closure - Spring Break
April 2Stat Holiday - Easter Friday
April 5Stat Holiday - Easter Monday
May 21Professional Development Day
May 24Stat Holiday - Victoria Day
June 22Last day with families

  • Program Changes: Beginning September 2021

    Please take note of the following StrongStart program changes which may impact your family.

    • Beginning in September 2021, StrongStart at James Hill Elementary and the Facilitator will be moving to a new site at Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary.
    • Beginning in September 2021, StrongStart at North Otter Elementary will be moving to Parkside Centennial Elementary to expand the existing program on site.
    • The District’s decision to move these locations is based on many factors including community needs, attendance, and existing space available.

    The District encourages families to continue to take part in early learning activities and attend StrongStart locations across the District. Staff look forward to working with and welcoming new children and families to our school communities.

  • Locations

    Please note: some locations will be changing beginning September 2021. Please refer to Program Changes above.

    See information below to learn out more about our StrongStart locations. Stay connected to the school community by following their Facebook pages. This is where you can read site-specific information and additional activities you can engage in with your child(ren).

  • What is the Purpose of StrongStart Programs?

    The goal of StrongStart centres is to provide parents/caregivers and their preschool children with the opportunity to play, learn and grow together. The centres are operated in school settings so you and your child can become an important part of the school community before your child enters kindergarten. Together, with a qualified Early Childhood Educator, you help your child to develop important oral language and early literacy skills, and physical, intellectual and social skills, preparing them to successfully transition into Kindergarten learning.

  • Are There Any Costs?

    No. Nutritious snacks, use of toys and materials at learning centres are provided free of charge. StrongStart Centres are funded by the Ministry of Education and are open to all parents in the entire community.

  • What Do My Child and I Do at the Centre?

    StrongStart Centres are places full of fun, with many play/learning centres, materials and stimulating activities for children ages 0 – 5. *Note: There are baby change tables in the closest washrooms. Every child must be accompanied to the washroom by their parent/caregiver, and wear a mask in the centre, hallways, and washrooms.

    With regular StrongStart attendance, young children will develop good social skills and form trusting play relationships with other children. Over time, children become prepared to successfully learn in a Kindergarten setting as they gradually learn to communicate their wishes, listen to others, share toys, and sit and focus at circle or story-reading time. They are involved in a safe and happy environment where they develop self-confidence. Together with their parent/guardian, children can play with other adults and with other children. Both parents/guardian and children engage in the following:

    • use costumes to play dress-up
    • play with puppets, clay, puzzles
    • pretend play with trucks, tractors, trains, cars, dolls, little people, animals
    • hear and participate in story-telling and story reading
    • play at sand and water tables
    • sing songs, do rhymes, finger plays
    • work with a variety of art media
    • play with natural and real materials
    • develop large and small motor skills and coordination

    During COVID-19, these play opportunities will still be available, but at a limited amount.

  • What Are the Expectations For StrongStart Centres?

    Health and Safety:

    • Do not bring your child to the centre if you have not reviewed your child’s health using the Health Check Form.
    • Upon arrival, sign-in as directed by the StrongStart facilitator.
    • Take full responsibility for the supervision of your child(ren) at all times.
    • Snacks will be provided upon your departure from the centre. Please supervise your child eating.
    • Please do not smoke on the school grounds.

    Behaviour Expectations:

    • Your children look to you and learn by example, so they’ll need your support at the Centre.
    • For the older children, you can help your 4 and 5 year-olds to prepare to enter the school environment by reminding them to use indoor voices, walk in the hallway, play gently, clean up toys and materials.
    • Set simple and clear expectations for your child, be consistent.
    • State limits in a positive way, focus your child on what to do, instead of what NOT to do.
    • Acknowledge your child’s feelings, listen to them, respond to them.
    • Give your child alternatives, choices that are appropriate, and do this in a non-threatening way.
    • Redirect your child at times when situations may cause inappropriate behaviour to occur (refusing to share, etc.)
    • Give your child cues and directions prior to changing from one activity to another.

    There are plenty of opportunities for you to connect with other adults, pick up pamphlet resources for adult to adult discussion, offer a kind word or two, and create new adult to adult friendships. Thank you, parents/caregivers, for actively participating in your child’s play, for working together to help the Early Childhood Educator to establish and maintain routines such as Circle Time, Story Time, etc. with the children. Thank you for cooperating with other parents and caregivers in gently guiding the play and learning of the children in the Centre.

  • What is the Philosophy of the Centre?

    We believe that:

    • Parents and caregivers are children’s first and most important teachers.
    • Everyone is special and unique and has a lot of knowledge to share with others.
    • The experiences of the first five years in a child’s life set the stag for success in life.
    • Children learn through discovery, exploration, and play.
  • How Do I Register My Child to Participate?

    Please sign-up HERE for a session. You will go through this process:

    • Create a profile.
    • Sign up for sessions (max. 1 inside session per week. You may sign up for a second session if one is outdoors.)
    • Complete the Health Check form and bring it to your first session.
    • Complete a registration form and give it to your StrongStart facilitator. (*you will receive a confirmation email after registering that will include the links to these forms, paper copies will also be available at the sites)

    Upon completing the form with all contact names and numbers, you will then be asked to provide a clear photocopy of your child’s birth certificate. A photocopy can be taken at the school if you bring in the original document.

    IMPORTANT: Each day that your child attends you will be asked to sign in using your full name and your child’s full name. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health requires that we keep daily attendance records in each centre.