Budget Consultation 2024-2025 Update

May 14, 2024

The Langley School District thanks all members of the community for taking part in the Budget Consultation 2024-2025. The District is pleased with the response from students, staff, and families. The data and feedback gathered will help inform our District Leadership Staff and Board with information needed to make decisions impacting education.

The survey was translated into a number of different languages, and in total, more than 2,000 responses were received. As well, a few emailed responses were received during the consultation process.

Key Findings:

  • The community remains engaged and passionate about the budget and education matters. 
  • The community prioritizes class size & composition and counselling and mental health support. 
  • The community prioritizes literacy, social emotional learning, and numeracy. 
  • The community prioritizes improving classroom resources, facility upgrades & improvements, and technology. 
  • The community priorities are similar to the priorities expressed in the previous year with a few slight changes in relation to the ranking of priorities in some categories. 

Below is an overview of the survey broken down by question.

Question 1: Which best describes your relation to the District? (Please choose all applicable options) 

Question 2: What education level is a priority for you? (Please choose all applicable options) 

Question 3: The District continues to prioritize equity through the lens of inclusion in its educational and budgetary considerations. One way to do this is through the funding of targeted programs, such as Learning Support Services, Aboriginal Education and English Language Learner Programs in the annual budget. In the event that additional funding becomes available, these targeted programs will be given first priority.

Below are other areas of priority that receive regular funding in the annual budget. Please choose the 3 areas that you would personally prioritize to receive additional funding, should it become available. (Please choose your top 3 options)

Question 4: Why are the above areas important to you? 

Key Themes:

  • Many respondents focused attention on class size & composition and more support for all learners.
  • One strong theme highlighted by respondents is the need for increased mental health support for students.
  • Another recurring theme is the suggestion to fund and put more efforts into arts programs, as those opportunities are believed to have a direct impact to student mental health and well-being according to some respondents.

Question 5: The following are themes under the District’s Strategic Plan pillar Educational Opportunities. From the list below, what are your priorities? (Please choose your top 3 options) 

Question 6: The following are themes under the District’s Strategic Plan pillar Community of Partnerships. From the list below, what are your priorities? (Please choose your top 3 options) 

Question 7: The following are themes under the District’s Strategic Plan pillar Operational Priorities. From the list below, what are your priorities? (Please choose your top 3 options) 

Question 8: What are your priorities for one-time funds from the accumulated operating surplus? This is referring to times when the District can spend unused operating funds from prior years. (Please choose your top 3 options) 

Question 9: Please provide any additional input you have regarding the Langley School District budget 2024-2025. 

Key Themes:

  • One of the themes highlighted by respondents was the need for more staff across the District in various departments
  • Another major theme was the District’s continued work in managing growth.
  • Respondents also called for more to be done to support students with diverse abilities.

Question 10: Please provide any positive feedback you have regarding programs and services currently provided by the Langley School District. 

Key Themes:

  • Many respondents highlighted the recognition and praise of staff.
  • Many respondents were pleased with the variety of learning opportunities available in the District (Choice programs, Career Education, athletic academies, adult education, etc).
  • A theme that was stronger this year than in previous years was the acknowledgment of food programs, in particular the breakfast and lunch programs that are offered in some schools.

The District will continue to review this data, which will be helpful in working with the Board to make decisions that help meet our mission “to inspire learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future”. The District appreciates the community for their participation in this budget consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email feedback@sd35.bc.ca.