There are two sides to technology: the wonderful experiences and opportunities that it provides us, versus what technology is doing to us while we are enjoying those opportunities. This resource focuses on informing parents of the possible considerations anstrategies in supporting their children’s use of technology. We hope all our children continue to stay physically and emotionally safe while enjoying the benefits technology can bring.

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  • Digital citizenship

    Information about building healthy and unhealthy friendship skills, as well as a focus on digital health and wellness.

  • Digital rights and responsibilities
    The requirements and freedoms extended to everyone in a Canada regarding technology 
  • Thinking about new tools 

    Focusing on the impact location has on how technology may be used, as well as the types of interactions provided through some apps, device check-ins, and family technology contracts. 

  • Privacy and data

    A focus on the difference between privacy and secrecy, how to protect your privacy, and how we unknowingly give away private information.