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What is Project Resiliency?

Project Resiliency is a three-day counselling based program that offers young people the opportunity to address whatever might be preventing them from achieving their full potential. Through youth friendly and engaging activities, students have the opportunity to explore personal adversities as well as personal and family strengths. This structured experience encourages the consideration and incorporation of healthy coping strategies and establishes positive adult supports within the school and community.

Project Resiliency was developed by Langley School District staff for all Langley School District secondary students, to offer a strength based, supportive assessment and intervention.

What we offer:

  • Three-day intensive support program
  • Clinical consultation, support, and intervention planning to District schools
  • District Special Incident Support (e.g. Violence Threat Risk Assessment support)
  • Partnership with external support services in Langley
  • Follow-up support for District students
  • Connect parent groups

The Program

Project Resiliency is designed to address five focus areas; Home, Health, Relationships, School and Community. The intention is to increase student self awareness and identify areas for change/intervention.

Concepts included:

  • Universal and personal “adversities”
  • Resiliency
  • Control and healthy coping
  • Substance use and addiction
  • Physiology and Psychology
  • Strategies for control, coping, decision making and change

Who can benefit from attending?

We believe that anyone can benefit from this opportunity, especially those impacted by any of the following:

  • Mental health
  • Developmental or incident trauma
  • New to District (in need of additional supports)
  • Divorce
  • Family illness (mental or physical) or addiction
  • Academic challenges
  • General life stress
  • Attendance
  • Health problems
  • Behavioural challenges (school, home, or community)
  • Relationship conflict (family or peers)
  • Unhealthy peer groups
  • Drug use or possession
  • Grief and loss
  • Addictions of any kind 


Students leave the program with a Project Resiliency Completion Report (Care Plan). This support plan will be different for each student and will include community and health supports as required. The Project Resiliency Completion report:

  • May identify “presenting issues” and a point form plan for change as identified by the student in the five focus areas: Home, Health, Relationships, School and Community
  • Identifies “adult coach/mentors” to support that goal area
  • Lists all other referrals/outside agency connections made or recommended

Project Resiliency Clinicians follow-up one month after completion of the program and additionally as appropriate, and are available to assist parents and school staff in creating and implementing long-term support plans.

How can students be referred to Project Resiliency?

School Administrators and Counsellors can initiate referral due to their own concerns or after consulting with a concerned family member, student, school personnel, or school district partner.

Who can refer?

A Langley School District Administrator or School Counsellor can complete and submit the online Admin referral as part of a “proactive approach” including:

  • Student can complete and submit the online self-referral
  • Parent can complete and submit the online referral
  • Community agency can complete and submit the online referral