Ready, Set, Learn (RSL) is an early learning initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Education. This initiative is intended for families of three to five-year olds to develop positive connections with the school system and with participating community agencies. In alignment with the province’s Early Learning Framework, Ready, Set, Learn aims to provide pre-Kindergarten children with opportunities to learn more about their world in an age-appropriate way.

The Langley School District is pleased to offer Ready, Set, Learn opportunities for early learners. Due to COVID-19, the District is currently unable to offer in-person sessions. The resources below have been developed and curated to provide children and families ways to engage with each other and the world while developing literacy, numeracy and social emotional understandings.

Our Ready, Set, Learn facilitators encourage families to explore the content in these videos and enhance their child’s learning by following along or trying out the activities.

There are many ways that you and your family may choose to use the videos. You might:

  • Watch the videos on your own first, and then plan to complete the activities with their child while using the videos as a guide
  • Watch the videos with your child and talk about what’s happening
  • Watch the videos with your child in its entirety or in sections; go at their pace to keep them engaged

Please continue to check back for additional videos throughout Spring 2021.

  • The Wonder of Colour

    In this video, our Ready, Set, Learn Provider explores the Wonder of Colour to teach children about colour, help them make connections and discover that colour is all around us. The video includes a reading of the book Mix It Up, an experiment with food colouring, fun songs, and a trip to the grocery store to check out all of the colour in our community. Families will be inspired to explore the wonderful colours everywhere around them! This video was created in collaboration with early learning staff Megan Alexander.

  • It Takes Two to Talk

    In this video, sing and read along with Ready, Set, Learn Provider Pam Nelson as she teaches you and your child some fun games and songs to help your child grow. Oral language learning helps with all other learning! Explore how to engage your child in meaningful conversation and language learning through games, books, and fun activities.  Pam will take you on a tour of the resources and services available through Langley Childcare Resource & Referral, and other helpful things to prepare your child for their transition into Kindergarten.  This video was created in collaboration with early learning staff Megan Alexander.
  • The Great Outdoors

    In this video, our Ready, Set, Learn Providers explore the outdoors. Ms. Megan and Ms. Pam will demonstrate how learning can take place anywhere, especially outside! There is fun in discovering new environments. Children experience opportunities to expand vocabulary, wonder, investigate, count, and learn more about themselves. Start the session inside and then be inspired to get out and explore the great outdoors!
  • Numeracy

    In this video, our Ready, Set, Learn Providers Ms. Megan and Ms. Pam have fun with numbers. Children will be inspired to find numbers in books, songs and play materials. This session includes a special trip to the Fraser Valley Library. Learn about wonderful resources available free for your family!