The transportation registration deadline has passed. Please proceed with late-registration by following instructions below. The District cannot guarantee late registrants will be approved. Our staff make every effort to accommodate riders based on eligibility criteria, available seats, but please note it is challenging for the District to do so when applications are not completed within the registration deadline.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email:

It’s important to note that during peak periods, which includes but not limited to the start of registration in late Spring and the start of the school year in September, the volume of requests is high. Staff will do their best to acknowledge having received your email within 48 hours.

Step 1: Update information on MyEDBC

If your child is moving to a new school or a new home before September 2022, please note that eligibility may change depending on your address. It is important to ensure your home address in MyEDBC is always up-to-date. You can make changes by contacting your child’s school office. If your address is accurate in MyEDBC, please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Determine rider eligibility/category

If you are new to the District or to our transportation system, please review our main transportation webpage here to understand our system, registration process, and determine if your child is an eligible rider. All riders in the 2022-2023 school year will receive a letter from the District in late Spring outlining their eligibility/category for ridership.

Is your child an Eligible or Courtesy Rider?

If you are not sure, if your child is an eligible rider or courtesy rider please use this online tool to help you determine their eligibility. When asked for student grade, please insert grade in September 2022. Click here.

Troubleshooting tip: Please use correct spaces as required and avoid ordinal indicators ‘nd’ or ‘th’ when completing address. See example below:

4875 222 Street V3A 3Z7 = Correct

4875 222nd Street V3A 3Z7 = Incorrect

Once completed, please take note of the following:

If it indicates: You ride that means your child is an eligible rider.

If it indicates: You do not ride that means your child is a courtesy rider.

If it indicates information other than above, please contact

The assigned bus stop is not accurate as none of the routes have been established.

Please note: The District will approve rider eligibility based on home to school calculations determined by our system.

Is your child a Rider with Diverse Abilities?

If your child is eligible for bussing as per policy 18:

  • Physically disabled students who, due to distance and/or severity of their disability, are unable to walk or take public transit.
  • Students with special needs who are placed in a District program other than the student’s home school.

Please connect with your child’s teacher or a member of your child’s school support team to begin the process of registration. School support team staff will relay further instructions and information about the application and approval process.

Please note: Students participating in a Complex Resource Program within their catchment are also eligible for transportation.

Is your child an International Student Program Rider?

If your child is eligible for bussing as an ISP rider, please contact your child’s homestay coordinator for details and instruction for registration. If you do not have the contact info for your homestay coordinator, please email:

Step 3: Complete online registration form (eligible and courtesy riders only)

Please complete this online registration form (School Cash Online) to help us plan bus routes and prepare communications notifying you of potential approval. When asked for student number, please insert your child’s pupil number found in your MyEDBC Family Portal. You will need to register each student separately. The registration system may not be compatible on all mobile devices, it is advised to register on a desktop or laptop.

You do not have to pay to complete this registration form, but must check out of the system in order to complete the process and receive a notification receipt. If you do not receive a receipt sent to the email address used, that means the registration is not completed.

Please note: Confirmation of registration completion does not automatically mean ridership approval.

Eligible Riders

Based on the information provided in step 2, your child qualifies as an eligible rider.

To proceed with late registration, please complete the online registration form: HERE

Courtesy Riders

Based on the information provided in step 2, your child qualifies as a courtesy rider.

To proceed with late registration, complete the online registration form: HERE

Step 4: Confirm registration has been received (all riders)

You will receive an email from the District’s transportation staff within 10 work days confirming the registration form has been completed and communicate potential next steps in the process. If you have not heard from the District’s transportation staff within 10 work days after completing the online registration, please email: