Staff List

Assistant Superintendent

The Assistant Superintendent oversees the ELL department and manages the staffing, budget, resources, and procedures of the program. They work with the Senior District Staff to ensure a quality program for all students needing ELL service.

District Principal ELL/SWIS

The District Principal ELL/SWIS provides advice and instructional support to principals and vice-principals, ELL teachers, and classroom teachers to develop instructional methods and programs for Ministry initiatives. The District Principal provides in-service sessions on assessment, instructional methods, programs and resources at the district and school level. She networks with local, provincial and national organizations to provide teachers with current research methodologies, resource materials and curriculum implementation.

ELL Teachers

Langley School District supports the work of ELL specialist teachers to assist students in the development of English Language proficiency. There is an ELL specialist teacher assigned to every elementary and secondary school and they provide small group instruction and support for the students requiring ELL assistance. They will create and monitor an Annual Instructional Plan (AIP) for each student that describes each student’s strengths and needs in order to ensure that each child receives the individual attention and skill building they need. The Ministry of Education entitles every ELL child to receive 5 years of ELL service.

Multicultural Workers

The District provides support to students, parents, and schools through the multicultural workers. They assist in providing interpretation services and work with families to help participate actively in the school system.

SWIS Workers

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) are available to support newcomer families as they transition into new communities within the Langley School District.