The Board Policy Handbook has been developed to highlight and support the important governance function of the Board. It includes the following framework:

  1. Foundational statements which provide guidance and direction for all activities within the District;
  2. Directions for how the Board itself is to function and how individual trustees are to conduct themselves; how Board committees and representatives are to function;
  3. Statements as to how appeals and hearings will be conducted;
  4. Non-delegable matters such as policy making and school closures; and
  5. Specific matters which the Board has chosen not to delegate to the Superintendent.

This Board Policy Handbook is intended to be supplemented by the Administrative Procedures Manual; the primary written document by which the Superintendent directs staff.

Please note that the electronic versions of both the Board Policy Handbook and the Administrative Procedures Manual on this website are always the most current documents available.

Notices of Motion

Policies that have been approved for Notice of Motion by the Board of Education are circulated for comment and discussion before they are brought back to the Board for consideration by Trustees. Policies currently under a Notice of Motion are posted below under the category ‘Notices of Motion’. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning any of the draft policies under consideration by the Board (see below), please send them to

Board Policies

Administrative Procedures 100's - General Administration

Administrative Procedures 200's - Instructional Programs and Materials

Administrative Procedures 300's - Students

Administrative Procedures 400's - Personnel and Employee Relations

Administrative Procedures 500's - Business Administration