School Bus Services

On August 10, 2016 the Ministry of Education made an announcement that it has established a $14.7 million provincial fund to make bus transportation for resident BC students and their families more affordable and accessible. Langley’s portion of the provincial fund will enable the District to stop charging transportation fees to our students. Because of the timing of the announcement many families had already prepaid their fees for the upcoming school year and those fees are being refunded. This is ongoing funding from the Ministry which will eliminate the need to have transportation fees for our families in the future.

Families are reminded that registering for transportation is still required. Please access the On-line School Bus Registration (oSBR) system to secure transportation for your students (this site will be updated to reflect the changes and removal of fees).

Buses are also available for school-sponsored fleet trips. Contact the Transportation Office at (604)-534-7891, local 330 for more details.

Online Transportation Registration Form

Manual Transportation Registration

Policy 3850: Conveyance of Students – includes walk limits, fees (Please note Middle School walk limits are the same as Elementary School walk limits)

Phone: (604)-534-7891, local 330

Notice for Students Riding the Bus

Simple Bus Rules (For Safety)

School begins when you board the bus. Use ordinary conversation and observe the posted rules when riding. Unusual and/or loud noises do distract the driver. Treat your drivers with courtesy: they are responsible for your safety. If they ask you to do something, please do it as quickly as possible.
Be on time at your bus stop, five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, and, while there, wait in an orderly manner. Stand well back from the side of the road and be watchful of younger children.
When crossing a street to get to or leave the bus stop, look both ways first, then walk with extreme caution across in front of the bus if no cars are coming. Most accidents occur when children are crossing a street or road. Do not run across.
While on the bus, sit in the seat or area designated by the driver. As long as the bus is in motion, remain in the seat, facing front, feet on the floor.
Keep books, material, your head, arms, and other parts of your body, inside the bus at all times. Do not throw anything out of the bus.
Parcels, books, feet, or other obstruction must not extend into the aisle or stairwells at any time.
Make sure you have nothing in your possession that can cause injury to another person – sticks, breakable containers, any type of firearms, skis, unguarded skates, hockey sticks, skate boards, and straps or pins extending from your clothing. Animals, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs, are not permitted on the bus.
Treat the bus equipment as you would your own personal belongings at home; you will be held responsible for any willful damage you may cause. Help keep the floor and seats clean for health reasons and appearance sake.
In the event of the bus becoming disabled due to inclement weather, or mechanical failure, all students shall remain at the scene until alternate transportation has been provided. Senior students may be required to assist in calling for help and will be expected to do so.
Consumption of foodstuffs and/or beverages while the bus is in motion is forbidden. Your driver will determine when, if at all, foodstuffs or beverages can be consumed on board the bus.
Failure to obey these bus rules may lead to suspension or total loss of bus privileges.

School Bus Safety brochure from ICBC (Sept 2015)