This information will help you and your family get familiar with our District’s transportation service.

Walk Limits

The District’s policy supports bussing for students that live outside of the following distances to their community schools.

Students that live within the walk limits do not qualify for school bus service.

Walk limits are outlined as follows:

  • Elementary School Students  K to 7 — Bussing is supplied to elementary students that live 3.2 KM or further, away from their community school.
  • Middle School Students 6 to 8 (where middle school is available) — Bussing is supplied to Middle school students that live 3.2 KM or further, away from their community school.
  • Secondary School Students  8 to 12 — Bussing is supplied to Secondary students that live 4.8 KM or further, away from their community school.

The District supplies bus service for all special needs students in accordance with the policy.

Once the District has accommodated all students that qualify for bussing, we will review non-qualifying requests on an individual basis and in an attempt to support families. Please see the transportation policy below for further details.

Policy 3850: Conveyance of Students – includes walk limits, fees (Please note Middle School walk limits are the same as Elementary School walk limits)

If you still have questions or further concerns, please email us at

School Bus Services – Registration Step 1

Families are reminded that registering for transportation is required. Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is currently closed. Information about the registration process for the 2020-2021 school year will be communicated as early as Spring 2020.

New Changes to the Online Registration for 2019-2020 school year:

Please access the On-line School Bus Registration system to secure transportation for your students.

Parents/guardians can register students for the bus via KEV School Cash online. Ensure a proper student number is used, or registration will be voided.

For late registration only:

Non-international students

International students

You will be required to log in to your School Cash online account when you have completed the application form. The check out process is the same as standard school items but for most registrants the cost will be zero. It does not matter whether you complete the “Who are you purchasing this for?” box as the registration form will collect the student details.

If you do not currently have a KEV School Cash online Account, instructions are included in the SD35-StepByStep Parent Handout.

Phone: (778) 736-0792

International Homestay Parents can request refunds via email:

E-Link System – Registration Step 2

Once you’ve applied for bus service and the District determines your child is eligible, information will be posted on the e-link system. To access bussing information, please see instructions below and use this link:

If you are not able to log in and/or are experiencing issues, please email: for support and include a brief explanation.


  1. Login using the following information:
    1. USERNAME: student ID#
    2. PASSWORD: child’s birthdate (8 characters using zeros for single digit day/months – no spaces mm/dd/yyyy).
  2. Select LOGIN button
  3. Enter in email address confirmation and create security question as per instructions
  4. Select “SAVE”
  5. Click on “Work With Students”
  6. Click on “View My Students”
  7. All students associated with that user ID are displayed
  8. Click on the student you wish to view the information for
  9. Student bus stop location/time for pickup and drop off is displayed.
  10. Logout.