Youth Shelter announced for Langley!

On February 9th MInister Rich Coleman announced that the Ministry of B C Housing will be contributing $355,000 towards a youth shelter in Langley. These funds combined with donated land from the Township and financial resources provided from community agencies and private sources will create a sustainable youth hub in Langley. The vision of the Youth Resource Centre is to create “a welcoming community of service providers who support youth in one location with a vision to increase their confidence and creatively, while building positive connections to promote and enhance their self-care and wellness needs.” Programs to assist with meeting basic needs will include food, bus passes, showers, laundry, clothing, employment opportunities and access to housing.

It was awesome to see so many community agencies and members come together to make this youth shelter a reality. It has been a dream for many of us to no longer have our youth transition to another community to access short term accommodation and services. I am very proud of all of the Langley school students that are part of the Youth Homelessness Task Force who were instrumental in raising awareness of social issues impacting our youth and pressuring the community to come together to make this shelter a reality. Way to go Lara Petrie and Lenny Yun for your work with our youth to suppprt them in their work. In addition, I am very thankful for the work of Township Councillor Charlie Fox and Loren Roberts (Encompass Support Services Society) for the tremendous number of hours they invested in this initiative. The plan at this point is for the Youth Resource Centre to open at the start of July. There is still plenty of work to be done and the Langley School District along with many community partners will remain committed to making this an outstanding facility.

A great day for Langley Youth!

Gord Stewart