The Supportive Role of Langley PACs

I recently attended my final DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) meeting in my role as superintendent. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend school PAC and DPAC meetings to share information, listen to presentations, gather feedback, and answer questions. Parent Advisory Councils can serve as an excellent way for parents to be involved in their child’s school and/or school district.

The most effective PACs I have been involved with conduct respectful meetings and make a concerted effort to identify issues that resonate with their parent community. I have found that parents want to be more than just fund raisers. They are determined to increase their understanding of how to support student learning, advocate for resources, and help identify potential ways to benefit the school/district community. Fortunately, during my time with DPAC I experienced a positive environment with a desire by members to learn and support the Langley School District, to provide the best learning conditions possible for students.

Despite COVID, the online meeting format has not undermined the spirit of PACs — one day we will return back to a sense of normalcy! I know many people miss meeting face-to-face. I want to thank all parents for taking the time to serve on their PACs despite their busy schedules and also extend my appreciation to DPAC for their constant advocacy for students and supporting myself in the challenging role of superintendent.

Gord Stewart