The Power of Community Evident at TEDxLangleyED

On January 20th the Langley School District hosted our fourth TEDxLangleyED. This year’s theme was the Power of Community and all of the speakers shared ideas and stories that inspired the audience and also gave each of us plenty to reflect upon. A common thread through many of the presentations was the power of collaboratively solving challenges whether at the personal, local, national, or global level. It is amazing what is possible once community comes together!

Photo: Stephanie Martyniuk

As educators we need to continue to reach out to our community to support vulnerable learners, generate entrepreneurial opportunities, support social purpose initiatives, and create other learning environments outside of classrooms. Forums like TEDx provide us with a platform to continue to push our thinking and as presenter Karen Fadum stated in her presentation to welcome challenges as opportunities to “consider the possibilities”. The day also included performances from Catherine Teng and Manuel Schuster as dual pianists, the dancing of Jennifer Chu, and lyrics of Saint Soldier – all of them were outstanding.

Way to go Maria LeRose, the staff of Langley Fine Arts, student helpers, and TEDxLangleyED organizers!

Gord Stewart