Students shine at Grad Transitions presentations!

I recently had the pleasure of hearing grad transition presentations at Brookswood secondary and Walnut Grove secondary. During their 15 to 20 minute presentations the students shared with me their areas of passion, future goals, and work experience. All of the students spoke very favourably about their schools in terms of academics, teaching staff, and elective/extra-curricular opportunties. The quality of these reflections continue to improve each year. All of the students acknowledged that the grad transition exit interview was helpful and was an effective way to organize important information for thier resume and post secondary applications. In addition, they also felt that schools need to expand upon practical information in such areas as how to acquire mortagages and loans along with determining a budget for when they ultimately move away from home. Hopefully these ideas can be incorporated into the re-designed curriculum that provides six credits to students during their graduation program attached to career development and a capstone presentation.

Well done Brookswood and Walnut Grove staff!

Gord Stewart