Looking Forward to the Future: Reflections on Graduation

As a long-time educator and current Superintendent of Schools, I love this time of year. June is a busy month for all students and staff, but the feeling is much more unique for our graduates and their families. I am excited to be a part of all of the in-person celebrations for our students and staff this year! Two years of COVID have cost our students much in opportunities to come together as a community, and acknowledge the hard work put into their learning, arts, and athletics.

This year, the District is pleased to walk side by side with students, staff, and families at graduations, school leaving ceremonies, awards evenings, and appreciation nights.  A positive culture of learning, excitement, and hope are created through these culminating activities, and provides the energy we all need to continue Langley School District’s mission to inspire all learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future.

The grad walks, which have become an annual tradition at many of our schools, is one of the greatest gifts the graduates of Langley School District provide to our younger generations.

As part of the walk, graduates visit the schools they attended earlier in their education journey.

The grad walk exemplifies a lasting legacy of hope for our middle and elementary students and staff. It’s an inclusive K-12 experience that give younger students the opportunity to see what is possible, what they can look forward to in the future, and collectively celebrate that sense of accomplishment through these graduates. The District is thrilled to be able to see these grad walks again and see the positive impact they have on our students and the broader community.

As we carry on with the buzz of June, I encourage everyone to join us in congratulating and celebrating our graduates and all students who will be transitioning into new phases in their education. Thank you to staff and families for working together over the years, helping them get to these life milestones, and for supporting these events across the District that celebrate their successes.

Mal Gill
Superintendent of Schools