Looking forward to Langley IDEA X Student Showcase

The Langley School District continues to create opportunities for students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset.

IDEA X is a brand new Langley Schools initiative that challenges students to work in teams to come up with innovative solutions to significant global problems. In its inaugural year, the challenge is to devise innovative solutions to the very real problem of global plastic pollution, and by doing so contribute to the future health of all of us.

​The 2019 Langley Idea X challenge is for students to invent a land or ocean based solution to the global problem of the proliferation of plastic into the environment.

Inventing a solution for the this kind of plastic pollution could involve creating any one, or a combination of the following:

For example, students may design a new kind of 600-meter-long floater that floats in the world’s oceans to trap debris.

For example, students could come up with an idea to engineer a new kind of enzyme that accelerates plastic degradation.

For example, students may invent new kinds of economic incentives to reduce plastic waste, or articulate a policy that has or could create meaningful change in your community or province or country. e.g. a new bylaw?

Throughout the design process, these students are documenting their learning journey on Instagram. Students will invent and innovate, present their ideas in a preliminary selection process, develop a digital PR Kit, and if selected, present to international experts at the I.D.E.A. Summit on May 7, 2019. Check out more at ideasummit.weebly.com!

Best of luck to all of the participants.

Gord Stewart