District Core Values on Display

I have been very fortunate to attend three outstanding Langley school district ceremonies during the last two weeks. The Aboriginal Achievement awards, Evening of Inspiration, and District Athletics evening all served as excellent demonstrations of our district core values of Community, Courage, Excellence, and Integrity.

This year the Aboriginal Achievement awards were hosted at Church in the Valley. It proved to be an excellent setting to honour our aboriginal students for their outstanding efforts during this past year. It is a great example of community working together as many members from our aboriginal community joined district staff to recognize our Golden Eagles (aboriginal graduates) and students in the middle/secondary grades that have been successful and in some cases attaining this acknowledgement despite facing some significant personal challenges.  The meal before the ceremony was enjoyed by everyone and the drumming and singing added to a great atmosphere.  Way to go!

The Evening of Inspiration was held at Newlands Golf course and was also an excellent setting to celebrate graduates from each of our secondary schools (including U Connect that will be participating in its first graduation ceremony this year) that have inspired staff, students, and the community with their inspirational stories that align with our district core values. These students amazed all of us with their actions to support others, at times overcome personal challenges, and yet still be very successful academically. Their parents in the audience have every reason to be very proud of their children. As a district, to have 84 students that exemplify Courage, Community, Excellence, and Integrity is also something to celebrate. Our future is in very good hands!

The District Athletics evening was hosted by the Langley Events Centre and provided an opportunity to give thanks to all of our coaches that contribute so many hours to coach our students. The impact a coach can make on a student extends so much further past simply winning championships. Courage, teamwork, resiliency, and effort are just a few of the qualities coaches can further develop with students. Former Canadian Women’s National basketball coach  Allison McNeill gave a great keynote address on the impact coaches can have upon others. Coaching milestones that were acknowledged were for those that have provided 10, 20, and 30 years service. Tammy Farrer and Don Sparks were both recipients of the “Difference Maker” Jim Ehman Memorial award.  In addition, three members from the coaching community were inducted into the Wall of Distinction on display at the Langley Events Centre. A great and well deserved honour fro Greg Leino, Ivan Adrian, and Grant Inkster.

All three of these events remind us how incredibly fortunate we are to have such awesome students and staff that are part of great community.

Gord Stewart