Celebrating the Christmas Spirit

The spirit of Christmas is once again evident throughout our school district. I had the pleasure of attending the Nicomekl Christmas breakfast and was joyfully overwhelmed by the number of families attending this event. It was wonderful seeing staff, community members, parents, and children gathering to share a meal together, sponsored by a local business.

This time of year certainly serves as a reminder that there are a number of families in the community facing financial hardship and find it difficult to purchase gifts while trying to still put food on the table and provide housing for their family. So many schools try to reach out to these families to provide food hampers, clothing, gifts, and other supports to assist families at this time.

I am grateful to live in a community that places an emphasis on giving versus simply receiving during the holiday season. I certainly reflect on my own personal circumstances and realize how fortunate I am to have a family in good health that does not need to worry about economic challenges. Thus, I feel an obligation to assist those less fortunate and I am so pleased to see this same sentiment evident in so many in our community.

I wish all of our Langley families an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Gord Stewart