Another Inspirational Day for Langley staff and students!

I was fortunate to stop in at Brookswood Secondary school for the Student Leadership event on May 5th.  The secondary students hosted a series of workshops for elementary students that selected opportunities in areas they had a passion to learn more about.  One of the sessions took place in a science class where students worked with different materials to see the reaction that occurred when you combine them and naturally there was the opportunity for a few exploding balloons.  The secondary students were great teachers and role models and had all of the younger students completely engaged.  One addition to the event this year was the opportunity for grade 6 and 7 students to register for a Maker experience.  Maker events are wonderful for those creative, inventive, design oriented students who like to work hands on and find creative problems. Student participants had the opportunity to participate in a 3 hr design challenge. Our 6 district Maker Teacher facilitators assisted by the Brookswood Secondary Leadership students worked with 30 students as they designed and built bird houses that had to address challenges birds face while trying to find a safe place to eat or nest.  Once again students were engaged as they applied their prior learning into their design.  Way to go Lenny Yun and Edna Shuerhaus for your efforts to organize this day and to all the staff that assisted to make this memorable learning experience for stud

In addition to the student opportunities I was humbled to witness and participate in the Salmon ceremony that annually takes place on Kwantlen territory.  Despite the weather many students, staff, and community members enjoyed a wonderful meal, the sounds of aboriginal drumming, and learned more about the rich history of our aboriginal community.  Kwantlen were outstanding hosts and the Langley school district greatly appreciates the excellent relationship we enjoy with all of our aboriginal partners.