An Evening of Inspiration

Recently at our District Evening of Inspiration, grade 12 students from each of our secondary schools were acknowledged for exemplifying the Core Values of our school district: Integrity, Courage, Excellence, and Community.

Some of the attributes incorporated into our core values include: respectful, caring, creative, accepting, adaptable, hopeful, problem solvers, achievement, and effort.

While I completely appreciate the hard work it takes to be successful academically, we would like our grads to be more than just a culmination of class percents. Furthermore, one does not always need to sacrifice excellent grades to make a difference in the lives of others. Likewise, one’s struggle with academic standing may inspire others through their actions.

I can think of a number of students that I have worked with during my career that overcame incredible personal difficulties and still graduated. I can also think of many that demonstrated incredible support for assisting others.

The students honoured this year have demonstrated inspiration in so many ways:

The IDEA X challenge where students worked to solve the problem of single use plastics.

The Youth Philanthropy Initiative where students researched and raised funds for a charity of their choice.

Involvement with the District Social Justice Committee, breakfast programs, Langley’s Memorial Hospital, and the Weekend Fuel Bag.

Athletes that have inspired others through their leadership.

Youth TEDX Langley students had the courage to share their messages.

SASSY award winners acknowledged for their leadership and philanthropy.

Leaders in theatre productions, the Langley District Honours Orchestra, and French Immersion opportunities.

These students see themselves as global citizens and understand the benefits and importance of community service.

They are certainly inspirational.

They have demonstrated empathy for others and their efforts have made an impact on their school community and possibly even beyond.

What an honour to be recognized by the school community for your work and I extend my appreciation to all the those that have assisted them on their journey.

Gord Stewart