A Timely Moment of Inspiration

I recently attended the Langley Education Centre graduation ceremony at Chief Seapass Theatre. Students and staff decided last June to postpone the ceremony to the Fall in the hopes that the COVID pandemic would be in a much better situation than the summer. Unfortunately, COVID challenges remain but that did not deter the eighteen graduates from celebrating this important milestone. Vaccine passports, physical distancing in the theatre, and masked participants were all in evidence as a small gathering of friends and family members cheered on the grads.

I have to admit that even I have felt the effects of COVID fatigue as the virus lingers. I needed a little inspiration to remind me of the impact of staff work on students of all ages. Hearing the stories of the two valedictorians as they shared their struggles to graduate were very powerful. Their determination to push on despite the challenges each had faced and the support they received from family, friends, and staff demonstrated incredible resilience, determination, and care.  It also served as a reminder that no matter the age of the individual, it is never too late to complete your graduation requirements.

The passage of graduation is a critical component of increasing one’s life chances in terms of opportunities and financial gain.  With the soaring cost of living, the qualities associated with an educated citizen are foundational to future post-secondary options and employment advancement.  The grads of the Langley Education Centre serve as role models to others that we should never to give up on our dreams, appreciate the supports of others that help us attain those dreams, and that graduation is always a possibility.

Thank you to the students and staff of the Langley Education Centre for this timely inspirational reminder.

Gord Stewart