Your Information on the Internet

Consider how you are sharing your Private information, (full name, real birthday, address…) What do you say through:

  • Sharing through chat/posts
  • Filling out contest surveys
  • Posting on message boards
  • File Sharing

Websites can already determine your information through:

  • Your Internet Provider (eg. Rogers, Telus)
  • Your computer name
  • Your I.P. address
  • Cookies that are lodged on your hard-drive.
  • The last web site you visited.
  • The plug-ins installed on your system (eg. Flash, Shockwave)
  • File-sharing
  • Companies that you use to create new log-ins (Google, Twitter, Facebook)

It is important to use Applications that search your computer for spyware, like Adaware. It is also important to empty your web-browser’s cache after each use.