Links for Grades 9-12


AlloprofFrench Immersion Resource. Born in 1996, Allo Prof is a charity that offers free homework help for all Quebec students in primary and secondary school. To support its mission, Allo Prof therefore puts at your disposal eight services (telephone service, an SMS service and six online services) involving a team of qualified teachers and a virtual community composed of caregivers students, parents and education stakeholders. All our services are free!


Project of Heart

Project of Heart“Project of Heart” is an inquiry based, hands-on, collaborative, inter-generational, artistic journey of seeking truth about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. The purpose is to examine the history and legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada and to seek the truth about that history, leading to the acknowledgement of the extent of loss to former students, their families and communities.


Giza 3D

Giza 3DBilled as “a time-travel through more than 2000 years of history,” Paris 3D provides a virtual tour of many of the landmarks of Paris and lets you see how the city has developed since its Roman conquest in 52 BCE right up to the present day. Users can take guided tours from the 3D Paris website or on the accompanying iPad app. The site and the app are both free. Through the website, you can witness the construction of the Bastille and Notre Dame, navigate through winding stone streets in the Middle Ages and visit the 1889 World’s Fair to see the appearance of the Eiffel Tower. The Paris 3D website has been painstakingly built over two years by a team at Dassault Systemes, and they will continue to add more buildings and items over the coming years, again all free. Many of the monuments, such as the Bastille, no longer exist in the real world, so this site offers a great way to explore them as they would have looked.


Watch, Know, Learn

Watch, Know, LearnFree educational videos.


Mille Merveilles

Mille MerveillesA French Immersion resource. Educational site for teachers of preschool and elementary school, special education and special education in middle school. Over 8,400 quality educational activities every day! 30 preschool themes, year-end revision and interactive digital activities.



Time Immemorial

Time Immemorial‘Welcome to a virtual reconstruction of the ancient site of Xá:ytem on the banks of Fraser River, Mission in British Columbia, Canada. This is the only sacred transformer site in Canada open to general public, a cultural, historic and spiritual site for Stó:lo people. The ancestors of Stó:lo were a socially developed society of people who fished for salmon, systematically harvested the forests, traded over great distances and practiced a life rich in ceremony. Explore the scenes from their daily lives, the longhouse and pithouse (an underground circular cedar timbered dwelling), and see the famous transformer stone, Hatzic Rock on the verge of the forest.A Journey into Time Immemorial’ is based on the story of Xá:ytem Longhouse in Mission BC in the Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver BC.


Pt Table

Pt TableGrades 9-12. Wonderful interactive periodic table. This table displays all the elements and links them to Wikipedia, which makes it handy for studying.


Math and Logic Proplems

A+ClickA+ Click features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades 1 -12. The website has graduated a set of over 2200 problems, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The website also includes hundreds of practical problems and brain teasers.


D.W. Poppy Learning Commons

DW Poppy Learning CommonsYou can search for sites by subject, or access reference & citation sites. Included on this site is also a featured video & featured novels.