“A three day alternate to suspension program which focuses on personal control and coping within the context of adversities.”


To conduct a “bio-psycho-social needs assessment” for any student within the Langley School District to determine what prevents them from achieving their  “full potential” .
To co-create an “Individual Education Plan / Care Plan / Treatment Plan” based on student needs (similar to current Completion Report) and make available to primary school.
To track and assess school and community interventions and provide transition support to other schools or programs.


A strategic therapeutic intervention designed to raise student awareness and insight around personal adversities, and control versus coping with a goal to  increase healthy coping skills, engagement and support under five foundational areas:
Day 1 – Home and Health
Day 2 – Relationships
Day 3 – School and Community

Grade 7 Drug Awareness and Addiction Prevention

Project Resiliency Grade 7 Drug Awareness and Addiction Prevention program includes relationship building, general information about teen drug trends through open question and answer sessions, detailed information, education about addiction as a disease, personal risk and protective factors related to substance use and healthy coping skills.