Student Registration (Gr 1-12)

The Langley School District welcomes new students to our schools. Our teachers and staff are excited to meet your family.

If you are registering your child as a new student in the Langley School District, please contact your child’s catchment school to begin the process. The District will do its best to assure spaces for catchment students at neighbourhood schools. Please read below for information on documentation needed to register your child.

To find your child’s catchment school, use our school locator tool here.

If you need assistance, contact the School Board Office at 604-534-7891.

To access your catchment school’s website, visit this page here.

If you are registering your child in Kindergarten, please visit this page here.

  • Grade 1-12 Student Registration

    To register for the 2023-2024 school year, please contact your catchment school. To access your catchment school’s website for contact information, visit this page here.

    You will NEED the following documents:

    • Proof of age (Birth Certificate)
    • Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status for both student and parent (Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, Landed Immigrant documentation, Permanent Resident documentation/cards)
    • Proof of residence (mortgage papers, Property Tax Notice, BC Driver’s Licence, Photo BC Services Card, subject-free purchase agreement [less than 6 month move-in date], utility bill)
    • Current vaccination records* (school does not retain a copy)
    • Registration Form (also available at child’s school) 

    Proper documentation is essential. Please note, registration may be delayed if the required documentation is not provided.

    *Helpful resources regarding vaccination records from Immunize BC:

    I don’t know if my child has been vaccinated – how can I find out?

    I don’t have my child’s immunization record – how do I get a copy?

    Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance

    Families have the option of purchasing insurance for their child/children through the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan Voluntary Insurance. Enrolment in the program can be done online. For more information and to apply for coverage, visit this website here:

  • How to Apply for a Cross Boundary Registration

    On or after the third Monday in January:

    Step 1: ALL parents must register the child at their CATCHMENT school and provide the following documentation: Child’s birth certificate, proof of parent citizenship and proof of address/residence.

    Step 2: Request a cross boundary application form from the catchment school and have it signed by the catchment school principal.

    Step 3: Take the signed cross boundary application form to the requested school and submit to the principal. Keep a copy for your records.

    Decisions regarding cross boundary requests are generally not decided before June 15 and can either be accepted, denied, or deferred on or before September 15 of the upcoming school year.

    For more information, please contact either your school principal or Office Services at the School Board Office at 604-534-7891.

  • Programs of Choice

    These Regulations apply to entry into:

    • Early French Immersion Kindergarten
    • Late French Immersion Grade Six
    • Langley Fine Arts Kindergarten
    • Langley Fundamental Elementary Kindergarten and Coghlan Fundamental Elementary
    • Montessori Kindergarten

    Application to other years of the above programs and to other alternate programs will be processed at the school site.

    Application Procedures:

    • The parent must provide a birth certificate when their child is accepted into the program.
    • In the event that the program is in more than one site, the parent will indicate site preference if/when their child is accepted into a program.

    Application Confirmation:

    • It is the parent’s responsibility to keep information (phone number, address etc.) current. Failure will result in the student’s name being removed from the wait list.
    • (It should be noted that position on the application list will not be identical to the selection list, since factors such as siblings and Langley residency must be considered).

    Registration Procedures:

    The following rules will be used in selecting students from the application list for placement into the program:

    1. Space is available in the program.
    2. Parents must provide proof of residency in Langley before January 1 of the entry year.
    3. The child’s age must be confirmed by birth certificate.
    4. Siblings have priority over non-siblings. Alternately, the sibling may be in the program, e.g. a sibling in the late French Immersion, or in the Fundamental Middle School, can be used in establishing the priority for K registration in those programs at a different site. The sibling must be enrolled in the program as of February 1 of the year the applicant is being considered for entry.
  • First Days Back at School

    The first day of the school year is the Tuesday immediately after Labour Day long weekend.

    Start up schedules will vary at each school. Parents are recommended to contact their child’s school to confirm start and end times for the first week.

    If your child is already enrolled at a school, but will not be in class for any reason on the first day, please contact the school and report the absence. If you are new to the district and have not registered at your neighbourhood school, register your child as soon as possible (elementary school offices are opened one week prior to the first day of school; secondary offices two weeks prior).

    It is critically important to each school, and to the entire school district, that all Langley students attend their school and confirm their registration.

    At the elementary level, only after attendance is confirmed can your child’s school verify its grade count (numbers of students per grade) with the district office. Only then will Langley’s elementary schools receive their finalized allocation of teachers. On the Friday of the first week elementary schools will complete their official class lists. Children will be assigned to their classes by Monday of the second week.

    Please Note: In the unusual circumstance that your child may not attend on the first day, please contact your school. Failure to confirm your child’s registration and non-attendance on the first two days of school start-up may result in the loss of your child’s place at your school. This reflects Langley School District’s obligation to meet the Ministry of Education’s class-size requirements K-3, 4-7, and the Ministry cross-boundary, cross-district attendance provisions.

  • Emergency Resources

    Counselling, Therapeutic and Alternative Programs

    If you or someone you know is in immediate or potential danger, at risk of hurting themselves or others, please contact 9-1-1 immediately.

    The Langley School Board is committed to maintain Safe Schools. The Board, its employees, students, parents, and all people within school communities have an obligation to promote, monitor, and maintain a safe environment. Any student who is hurting themselves or is feeling unsafe or mistreated, needs to be encouraged by our community to seek help.

    In suspected cases of abuse…
    It is every adult’s “legal” responsiblity to protect our children from abuse. If a child/youth tells you they have been abused or neglected – or if you have any reason to believe a child/youth is being harmed – call 310-1234 and report it.  If the child/youth is in immediate danger call 9-1-1.

    In cases of suicidal thoughts, drug use or dangerous behaviours…
    “Being suicidal” is not just talking about hurting oneself; it can be behaviours (e.g. drug use, driving high speeds, fighting, threatening behaviours, etc…) or statements (e.g. I don’t care!”) that reflect a lack of concern for oneself or others. Knowingly putting themselves in high risk situations should be treated as a statement toward self-harm.  If someone you know is in immediate risk of hurting themselves, call 9-1-1 and inform the operator of your concern. If you have concerns that a child/youth is contemplating suicide, ask them… then help them contact either:

    • Your local school counselor
    • SPEAC (Suicide Intervention) 604-584-5811
    • South Fraser Crisis Line (24hrs) 604-951-8855
    • Distress Line of B.C. 1-800-Suicide
    • Your Family Doctor