Parent Handbook

How to Use this Handbook

This handbook is written to facilitate parents, teachers, administrators, support staffs and others who wish to create a school environment that benefits students and opens up opportunities for them. Since parental involvement in their child’s education is one of the strongest factors that promotes student success, it is important to include such involvement in and out of classrooms and at home.

This handbook is not intended to be the definitive text on parental involvement in the schools. Users are encouraged to choose, add or modify ideas from this handbook to create parental involvement programs that lead to improved student learning. The practices, programs and models in this handbook are intended as suggestions and not prescriptive for every classroom. Teachers, if comfortable, may want to start adapting some of the practices to their own program. Users are encouraged to add these suggested practices to the ones they are already using and to send to the committee any parent involvement strategies they have used successfully to be shared with others. This handbook may be updated at a future time to include new ideas or practices.