Information for Teachers

Joint Pro-D Applications

Internal Postings Update

  • 2017-2018 Internal Posting Rounds have begun
  • Posting Rounds for next year’s teaching positions started May 2, 2017
  • The last Spring Staffing Round will be going out on June 22 and closing June 29, 2017
  • The new rounds will be starting up again August 15, 2017

Optional Teacher 12 Month Pay Plan

The Optional Teacher 12 Month Pay Plan is available to DS 35 teachers who have a continuing or temporary contract for a full school (September to June).
12 Month Pay Plan FAQ

Porting of Seniority

Article C.2.2.a of the collective agreement states that “Effective September 1, 2006… an employee who achieved continuing contract status in another school district shall be credited with up to ten (10) years of seniority accumulated in other school districts in BC.” Teachers should refer to the full article C.2 in the collective agreement related to Seniority for more details.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Porting of seniority is not an automatic process. It is up to the teacher to provide the district with a verification of the seniority credits to be ported and the teacher must initiate the verification process within 90 days of receiving a continuing appointment or continuing status in Langley. If the teacher does not initiate the process within 90 days, they forfeit the opportunity to port their seniority to Langley. To initiate the process and get the necessary forms, contact the Human Resources department at the board office, or phone 604-534-7891.