Support Staff Overview

Thank you for visiting the Support Staff section of our District Website. The following paragraphs outline what can be found on the Langley School District StaffNet.

This section highlights pertinent information such as changes and initiatives within the district that effect support staff, access to documents such as collective agreements and job descriptions, and links to district policies and procedures of particular interest to support staff.

In this section you will also find links to information about services for support staff such as the Employee and Family Assistance Program, benefits plans, health and safety, and the Municipal Pension Plan. We hope employees will take some time to explore the information we have compiled in this section and in other areas of our website detailing the many services and supports available to our employees.

Support staff who are laid off during the summer break, may request to have their names added to the sub list for their employee group, should casual work become available during the summer lay off period. Employees who wish to be placed on this list should complete a form “Request for Summer Work” which is available to download from Outlook>Public Folders>District Resources>Support Staff Info and email it to