Service Canada On-line Services

Not only can you file an application on-line, but you can also submit your bi-weekly reports, view your claim information, change your address AND add, change or stop Direct Deposit. Simply go to
and select one of the following options:

  • “Application for Employment Insurance benefits on-line”
  • “Internet Reporting Service”
  • “My Employment Insurance Information on-line”

For enquiries about your claim for EI benefits contact our Telephone Information Service at: 1-800-206-7218

Employment Insurance FAQ

  • Waiting Period

    There is a two-week waiting period at the beginning of each new claim for EI benefits. No benefits are paid for that period. The waiting period is the equivalent of a deductible for any kind of insurance. Any earnings made during the two-week waiting period will be deducted from benefits payable.

  • Separation Payments

    Moneys such as vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, severance pay or accumulated sick leave credits paid (or payable) at the time of a lay-off or separation are considered earnings which will delay the start of your EI benefit payments. For example, if you receive 3 weeks of vacation pay upon separation, in addition to the 2 week waiting period, your EI payments will be delayed for 3 weeks. These monies must be declared on your bi-weekly reports if they are not recorded on your ROE.

  • Looking for Work

    In order to be eligible to receive EI benefits you must continually prove that you are available and looking for work. As you are employed in teaching or in school related work and, in view of the fact that this is now a non-teaching period at most schools, you are expected to be available for; willing to accept and making efforts to find other types of work for which there is a reasonable demand in the labour market. You must keep and be prepared to supply a daily record of employers that you have contacted for work and the dates of contact. Failure to prove availability for employment may result in a denial of benefits.

  • Bi-Weekly Reports

    Shortly after applying for EI, you will receive a Benefit Statement in the mail indicating your Access Code (AC)and the date your first report is due. This does not mean that a decision has been made on your claim, but it does allow you to complete your bi-weekly reports through our Internet Reporting Service or through our Telephone Reporting Service, 1-800-531-7555.

  • Direct Deposit

    The faster, safest way to receive EI benefits is to have them deposited directly to your bank account. If you would like to use the same account as provided on a previous claim you can tell us this on the application; otherwise, you must be able to enter the complete bank account information (as shown on your cheque or bank statement) of the account where your benefits are to be deposited.