1.  Complete and submit  your Site’s Annual First Aid Assessment Form
  2. Identify primary and back-up Occupational First Aid (OFA) Attendants; submit your 2017-2018 OFA list to OHS Department
  3. Submit your 2017-2018 JHSC member list to the OHS Department (click here to open form)
  4. Open link, complete and post your 2017-2018 JHSC member list on your OHS Bulletin Board
  5. Open link, complete and post your 2017-2018 First Aid Procedures when you have determined your 2017-2018 First Aid Attendants.
  6. Open link, download form and complete your 2017-2018 JHSC Terms of Reference
  7. Print a copy of the Revised Meeting Agenda and JHCS Meeting Minute Template. Save a copy in your files for future use. JHSC Meeting Minutes Template with autofill also available! (eliminates having to manually carry over unfinished business)
  8. Print and review the following revised excerpts from the Langley School District Health and Safety Program Manual:
  9. Complete a Fire Drill before the end of the month and submit an Emergency Drill Completion form