1. Complete and submit your Annual Safety Inspection Checklist by October 31st.
    • Note: the inspection form includes direct links (items highlighted in blue) to resources needed to comply with OHS regulation
  2. Print and review the Communicable Disease section from the SD35 OHS Program manual
  3. Print a copy of the Common Childhood Disease Guideline and review with office staff and place in accessible folder/binder
  4.  Print an copy of the Common Childhood Disease Quick Reference Sheet and review; add as a cover sheet to the folder/binder
  5. Complete an Earthquake Drill on October 20th (The Great BC Shake Out) and submit an Emergency Drill Completion form
  6. Review Employer Advisors Notice regarding new OHS Legislation regarding mandatory training of New JHSC Members as of April 3rd 2017 (this only applies to new members who have not served on a JHSC in the past 2 years). New Members will have 6 months to complete a total of 8 hours training. Part 1 is provided by WorksafeBC e-learning and will take approximately 2 hours; new members are to complete Part 1 training prior to December 31. Please have your new JHSC members enroll in this training via StaffNet>Occupational Health and Safety>Joint Committee Resources>New JHSC Member Training – Part 1