1. Print a copy of “Winter Safety” and review with staff at the next staff meeting
  2. Print copies of the poster “Walk like a Penguin”, review with staff and post on staff bulletin boards, in staff room, on health and safety bulletin board (… better yet, on the inside of bathroom stall doors!)
  3. Complete a Fire Drill before the end of the month and submit an Emergency Drill Completion form
  4. Identify staff members that require upgrading their certification from WHMIS 1998 to WHMIS 2015.
  5. Notify eligible employees and have them complete the WHMIS 2015 certification (30-45 minutes). You can copy the link below and pass it along via email.
  6. Communicate to all staff using chemicals (especially Science Teachers) that all products with the old 1998 WHMIS labels (or non-labeled products) must be used up or disposed of by December 2018. NOTE: Hazardous material disposal is EXTREMELY expensive, so please stress the importance of trying to use up older chemicals.

       Who at SD35 may need this training?

How to access WHIMS 2015 Training

 For optimal performance, please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari Browsers. You must also have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed to complete this training. If you are using Explorer, the sign in screen may appear behind the main window; please minimize the main window to access the sign in screen.

  1. Log onto the Langley School District StaffNet
  2. Scroll down and select “Moodle Sign in”
  3. Enter your district email address and network password, click OK to sign in.
  4. Click Site Home button on the left pane to view courses (under ALL STAFF) and select WHIMS 2015
  5. Click Enroll me to start

Note: You must complete the training module and pass the WHMIS quiz to obtain your certification. Once you have passed and reviewed the quiz, you can navigate to “print your certificate” and print and/or save it for your records; you do not need to forward a copy of your certificate to HR as they will receive notification once you have a achieved your certificate