School District No. 35 believes its workplace should be a healthy and safe environment. To achieve this, our District has established and will maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Program designed to prevent injuries and disease. We are responsible for ensuring workers are provided with adequate instruction in health and safety, and for addressing unsafe situations in a timely, effective manner.

All staff are required to work within the WorkSafeBC Regulation and comply with other legislative standards. External service contractors must follow School District guidelines for safe work procedures, and comply with those regulations applicable to their work.

Superintendent of Schools responsibilities include:

  • Provide a mission statement for inclusion into the Occupational Health and Safety Program
  • Delegating an annual review of the Occupational Health and Safety Program
  • Ensuring Senior Management has knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Program
  • Ensuring the Health and Safety Program is being maintained.

Directors/ Principals/ Supervisors responsibilities include:

  • Providing a healthy and safe environment
  • Providing orientation to new employees
  • Providing on-going training to employees
  • Participating in month safety meetings
  • Performing inspections and conducting incident investigations
  • Correcting unsafe acts, health or safety hazards
  • Ensuring employees have knowledge of, and follow, all requirements of the District’s
  • Occupational Health and Safety Program

Employees’ responsibilities include:

  • Learning and following safe work procedures
  • Correcting hazards or reporting them to supervisors
  • Participating in inspections and incident investigations when required
  • Using personal protective equipment where required
  • Helping to keep a safe workplace by recommending ways to improve the Occupational Health and Safety Program