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Employee & Family Assistance Program


Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers services for both employees and employers to support them through crisis, emergencies, every day general health or wellness concerns. They can also help employers in managing difficult situations with their employees.

Example of some Services EFAP offers:

  • Comprehensive Counselling
  • Prevention-oriented health promotions
  • Crisis management, trauma response, disaster preparedness, peer training, cumulative stress management
  • Online Services: health risk assessments, e-Learning and health change planning, childcare and eldercare resources locators
  • Financial and Legal Assistance

eAP EFAP App for Mobile Devices

e-AP provides mobile access to in-depth information on a wide variety of work, health and wellness topics, interactive checklists and tools, video and audio podcasts, e-services and e-counselling and social media integration.

AP provides mobile access to in-depth information on a wide variety of work, health, and wellness topics, interactive checklists and tools, video and audio podcasts, e-services and e-counselling, and social media integration.

Great West Mental Health Website

Blue Cross, My Good Health

This website is a free, interactive site for Pacific Blue Cross plan members and spouses. There are significant resources available related to health, including health calculators, videos, tools and tips. There is reliable information on medical conditions, prevention, treatment and medications and their possible side effects.

Mental Health and Addictions Centre

Langley Mental Health Centre
Address: 20300 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC V3A 4E6 Phone 604-514-7940

BCTF Health and Wellness Program

The program works with ill or injured teachers to assist them in their medical recovery and with return to work plans.

Joint Early Intervention Service (JEIS)

Joint Early Intervention Service (JEIS) helps ill and injured plan members return to work in a caring, safe, and timely manner. When members first become ill or injured, a Health Care Management Specialist (HCMS) from Desjardins Financial Security contacts them. If necessary, the HCMS follows them through their treatment and recovery and helps them return to work during the 120-day qualifying period for Core LTD benefits.

Medical leave or Sick leave

When an employee is managing their medical condition, it is not always the most conducive for them to be in the workplace. At times, employees will need time away from the workplace in order to achieve optimal health and recovery. In this instance employees require an extended medical leave. Employees would be required to submit medical documentation to support this type of absence.

Partial Medical Leave

Employee is unable to work their regular assignment due to medical reasons and advises the District of their request to work partial hours as a result. The employee will provide medical information as it pertains to the request for a decreased work assignment.


The purpose of rehabilitative work is to provide an early return to work for an employee who is experiencing an illness or injury. Rehabilitative work is part of the employee.

Rehabilitative work should include medical support from the employees physician and should include clear limitations and restrictions to ensure that the work will not cause any harm or impact their medical condition negatively.

Accommodation/Gradual Return to Work/Transitional Work

For employees who have a known medical condition or disability and assistance in the workplace can be provided to allow them to either stay at work productively and safely or transition back into the workplace, there are options to assist employees with this transition. Accommodations, gradual return to work plans or transitional work can assist these employees in their recovery and support in the temporary transition to their regular duties.

Accommodation refers to either a temporary modification of the employees own job or a temporary assignment to an alternate position that is within the employees physical and cognitive level of functioning.

If the employee brings forward restrictions or limitations which indicate an accommodation is required the supervisor can review these with the Health and Wellness Consultant to ensure the most appropriate accommodation is found.

There are numerous options that can be reviewed to allow the employee to maintain their regular job position with modifications. This can include:

  • Modifications to hours of work
  • Assistive devices
  • Reorganization of tasks
  • Relocation of work

It is possible that a long term accommodation may be required to accommodate an employee with a chronic or ongoing medical condition or disability. If it appears that any accommodation will be long term or permanent please discuss with the Health and Wellness Consultant and Human Resources to discuss possible options to facilitate this type accommodation request. Any long term or permanent accommodation will require medical documentation to support the employee.

Mediation and Facilitation

If you are experiencing a conflict with a fellow employee whom you have been unable to resolve, the District has an internal mediation service that you may wish to use. Mediation is a process that can assist school district employees in resolving interpersonal conflict.

Contact Claire Sabiston at 604-534-7891 Local 228