Krystal Delong
Cultural Presenter

Krystal is from the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation and was born and raised in Surrey. Krystal was taught to make button blankets by her grandmother, Liz Dawson. She now makes them for her children and enjoys sharing her culture in her presentations.

Cultural Presentations:

Dancing Dolls: – Grade 1

Prescribed Learning Outcome:

Visual Art

  • Make 3-D Images
  • Exploring a variety of media
  • Using a variety of design strategies that engage more than one of the senses


  • Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of dance
  • Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of reasons why people dance

Using a wooden clothes peg, felt, and sequins, Krystal shows the children how to make a tiny doll wearing a miniature “Button Blanket”.

Button Blankets: – Grade 4

Prescribed Learning Outcome:

Social Studies – Society & Culture

  • Demonstrate an understanding of contributions of Aboriginal people to Canadian society
  • Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of various Aboriginal cultures in Canada

Economy & Technology

  • Describe traditional technology used by Aboriginal people in Canada

Visual Art

  • Demonstrate an awareness that a variety of materials, tools, equipment and processes can be used to create images

Krystal will share information about button blankets and display a blanket belonging to her family. She will then guide your students in sewing their own miniature blanket (8″ x 12″).