The following information is for parents/guardians of students who are using the Langley School District’s transportation service. The District has implemented a new online registration system. The District acknowledges there is some confusion about the new system which has caused frustration and stress for some families. Our staff are working at improving our bussing registration process and will communicate changes to you.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Parent fills out online application form for student in June.
  • Parent receives confirmation that application for student has been received – this confirmation does not mean student is eligible for bussing.
  • Parent signs into new e-link system online in late August to access personal account and detailed bussing information listed if student is eligible for bussing.

If you do not see any bussing information in your account that could mean the registration process may not be complete. There are a few reasons which will be outlined in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section below.

If you’ve contacted our transportation staff via email or phone and haven’t received a response, please be patient as there is high volume of requests for support. We kindly ask to refrain from sending repeated emails.

If you have not reached out for help, please email and briefly explain your concern.

Student safety is a top priority for the District. We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation.


  • I applied in June and got a confirmation receipt emailed, doesn’t that mean my child is registered?

    No. The confirmation receipt in the email received in June confirms the application was put in place. This does not mean the full registration is complete. This does not confirm your child is eligible. 

  • Why can’t I login to the e-link system to see my child’s bussing information?

    There could be a few reasons why you are not seeing the info including the following: 

    • Your child is considered a courtesy rider. A courtesy rider is a student who lives within the school’s walk limits but is approved for bussing only if determined by the District on a case by case basis. The District prioritizes rides to students who live outside of the walk limits. 
    • Your child is within the school’s walk limits and is not eligible for bussing. A student who is within the walk limit can request to be a courtesy rider. This is approved by the District on a case by case basis and is determined after transportation for eligible riders has been established. This means it could take a few weeks before ridership is approved. 
    • Your child is a late registrant and the registration process has not been completed. A student who applied for bussing in and after August could be eligible, but the application is still in process. There is a possibility late registrants may not be approved due to capacity. 
    • You could be using the incorrect Personal Education Number and/or password (child’s date of birth to log in. Please see instructions here: 
  • I sent in a few emails and phone calls to the District transportation department. Why haven’t I had back?

    There is a high volume of requests for support from parents. Transportation staff are working hard to answer each request and are prioritizing communication based on need. The District appreciates your patience.