Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Re: Transition Support Model (TSM)

Welcome to the Transition Support Model in the Langley School District! The District’s team of educators are looking forward to meeting and learning with you.

My name is Sam Muraca, District Principal for Educational Planning, and I will be responsible for the Transition Support Model. In my role, I will be communicating with your family and be sharing information about the Transition Support Model. I have a passion for learning, and I am excited to be working with teachers as a part of your child’s education journey.

This letter will provide an overview of the model, outline expectations, and answer some of the questions you may have. We appreciate your patience over the last two weeks; District staff have been planning to ensure we build a foundation for all learners which focusses on the instruction and assessment of literacy, numeracy and well-being.

Overview of the Transition Support Model

There are approximately 800 students from across the District requiring the Transition Support Model (TSM). It will operate like its own school. As we build classes, our goal is to structure divisions with students of similar age and geographical regions. Due to factors such as number of students, staffing considerations, and physical space available for in-person classes in our schools, this model will be centralized. Teachers will plan and deliver online curriculum based out of schools across the District. Teachers will work collaboratively to provide whole class, small groups, or one-on-one instruction as required. There will be scheduled times for additional learning support or consultation with parents.

What This Means for Your Child

This means that your child will be receiving online instruction from their Transition Support Model teacher. Our goal is to have your child with the same class of students and teacher for the duration of the Transition Support Model.

Once both students and teachers are settled into the new system, we will be providing the opportunity for your child to have scheduled in-school opportunities at one of our schools. This will occur sometime by the end of October and is dependent on the comfort level of students to return to a school. At that time, we will also be offering opportunities for your child to take part in scheduled activities at their home school. We value the relationships your child has at their enrolled school which is why our goal is to keep your child connected to their existing school community.

Schedule of Important Dates

The Transition Support Model begins September 21 and ends on December 18. The schedule below outlines important dates:



Week 1

September 21-25

Ready to learn week – self-directed learning

September 25

TSM teacher connects with their students

Week 2

September 28

Online instruction and support begin

Week 3

October 5

Online instruction and support continues

K-8 Learning Framework Overview

As the home learning team (parent/guardian and student) engages in self-directed learning (Week 1), please keep in mind the recommended framework below outlining the time expected for student(s) participation per day in the Transition Support Model.




1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


4 hours

What You and Your Child Can Expect in Week 1

This week will focus on getting your child ready to learn. Your child will access learning materials and resources on our District website here. This page will temporarily house the learning activities that have been developed by a District teacher for week 1. These lessons will be focused on themes that will set the stage for learning with their TSM teacher the following week. This first week will be self-directed which means a higher level of assistance from parents will be required, depending on your child’s grade. In general, parents should expect to become their child’s education assistant throughout this model.

Your child will do the following:

  • Complete and participate in learning activities
  • Engage in literacy and numeracy learning
  • Review helpful resources for online learning success
  • Receive communication from their TSM teacher by Friday, September 25

What You and Your Child Can Expect in Week 2 and Beyond

This week will focus on your child getting to know their teacher and beginning online instruction using our District’s Microsoft TEAMS platform.

  • Your family will receive instructions from the teacher to get set up on the digital platforms.
  • Your child will continue to need parent assistance.
  • Your child’s teacher will begin instruction as a class, in small groups, one-on-one and/or provide opportunities for additional support.

Communicating Student Learning

Transition Support Model teachers will provide Term 1 report cards that align with the dates and times of your child’s enrolled school. Report cards will communicate progress in literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional learning.

Transitioning to In-School Activities

All in-school learning opportunities will be initiated through the home learning team (parent/guardian and student). It is not the intention that students must access in-school supports initially. Face-to-face support/connection experiences will be scheduled through the Transition Support Model teacher.

Transitioning Back to Enrolled School in January

Our intention is for all students in the Transition Support Model (TSM) to return to their enrolled school in January. District and school staff will make every effort to have your child placed in their enrolled school. Our commitment will be to update TSM families by November 30 on what they can expect in January.

Diverse Learners

These students will remain connected to their enrolled school resource team while learning in this model.

English Language Learners

These students will remain connected to their enrolled school ELL staff or SWIS worker while learning in this model.

Technology and Devices

Your child is expected to have their own device and access to wi-fi. The District understands the needs of families and will support students as has been done in the past. If you require support, please email me at

Caring for your students through the Transition Support Model remains a priority for the District. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. Moving forward, you can expect to receive information from one of our District teachers and your TSM teacher next week. To stay connected, you will also continue to receive updates from the principal at your child’s enrolled school. Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions.


Sam Muraca
District Principal


Week 1 Learning